Month August 2022

The Future Of Work Is A People-Centric Organization

Most organizations focus on customers being kings, their treatment, feedback, and satisfaction,  often employees in the background are ignored. One thing that the Covid 19 pandemic has taught us is how important every employee is from the CEO to the… Continue Reading →

What Area Of Executive Coaching Should I Focus On?

When Executive Coaching is stated for the first time, it appears to be extremely simple. If we are being honest, even if coaches should know most of the things, one thing is certain: covering the entire field is tough. With… Continue Reading →

Leadership by Alignment: Strategies to Align Key Stakeholders

When things are in the same order, we call it alignment.. be it dots in the same line or managers in one accord with employees and that is what we focus on. Our goal here is to work as a… Continue Reading →

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